#DAMStraight we love innovation…who doesn’t?


Captured in many a staff meetings from various levels of leadership, brought down to the worker bees and the middle management. From there we decide what does innovation mean?

Total buzzword.

In reality, the definition just being “a new method, product or idea.” But is anything really new? Just look at your local mall. Everything from my years in college in the 90s is back.  Is everything old new again? Just for people that may not have been around the first go, it’s new to them.

New to you, and innovation are totally different.

When we look at progress we have Iteration (doing the same things better), Innovation (doing new things) and Disruption (doing new things that make the old ones obsolete).

Forget innovation, most companies are trying to get to disruption within their marketplace.

The same can be said for the Digital Asset Management (DAM).

How do you make DAM less momentary (competitive for the moment) and more relevant (making it more competitive for the future).

How do you make DAM less of a marketing tool and more of a function of the way we look at resources, tools, standard work and assets?

I’m creating a template-way-of-thinking-MEGADAM-beast.

This takes the DAM you know, love and pour into bigger, richer and more agile to the entire organization.

This is just be a taste of the innovative monster that I’m concocting in my laboratory.

I hope you are all excited and look forward to the unleashing of the beast that is coming.



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A simple girl that can't do it without her faith, family and bacon. Known for being a DAM evangelist and overall geeky tech chick in high heels but no glasses. 'Without Him, I will be nothing. Without him, I am nothing but with Him I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.' Phil 4:23.

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